Useful Resources for Dairy Farmers

Useful Resources for Dairy Farmers

Johne’s Disease

Johne’s Disease (also known as paratuberculosis or JD) is caused by a bacterial infection of the gut in cattle and other ruminants with Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis (Johne’s bacteria or MAP). No cure is available and the condition is eventually fatal. However, there are ways to manage this disease. Dairy NZ has produced a useful guide that contains management tools to combat Johne’s Disease and protect against the spread of Johne’s infection in the herd.
Download the Dairy NZ Guide to Johne’s Disease Management

Laboratory testing for Johne’s Disease

Diary NZ has a helpful guide which provides information on laboratory testing for Johne’s disease for both veterinarians and farmers.

“A dairy herd Johne’s management plan must reduce exposure and transmission risks:

  • Develop a whole herd health plan that includes JD testing
  • Screen all cows annually for Johne’s before calving
  • Cull all test-positive cows ASAP and calve only test-negative cows
  • If unable to cull, tag positive cows and calve separately. Cull the calves. Discard colostrum.
  • Avoid carry-over cows or test before carrying over (and before calving).
  • Consult test providers for expert advice to interpret results.”

Download the complete PDF here Johne’s Disease – Laboratory Testing

Johne’s Disease Research Consortium & Advisory Group

Have a number of resources on how to reduce the impact of Johne’s Disease in New Zealand:

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