Johne's Disease Management
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DRL - The Leaders in Testing, Managing and Controlling Johne's Disease

DRL’s inhouse multi-antigen Paralisa™ TEST is tailored for diagnosis of Johne’s disease (JD) in farmed deer and cattle, allowing greater sensitivity in the early subclinical state.
In addition to conventional tests such as blood or milk, DRL uniquely provide a quantitative fPCR DNA TEST to determine MAP shedding levels in dung samples.
Different animals have different levels of contamination. DRL tests allow farmers to MANAGE individual carriers and quantify risk level to your herd.
The team at DRL is highly motivated to deliver expert advice around planning and management to help your farm successfully CONTROL Johne’s disease.

For the testing of Tuberculosis (TB) and Johne's disease in deer. Read more

Dairy Cows & Cattle

Johne’s disease is chronic, progressive, contagious and widespread with no treatment and no cure. It can however, be managed cost effectively.Read more

Small Ruminants & Alpaca

All ruminant species are susceptible to Johne’s disease, a bacterial infection which results in inflammation and thickening of the intestines leading to reduced uptake of nutrients and progressive weight loss. Alpaca are also a natural host for Johne’s disease that can be tested for bacterial shedding by DRL.Read more

Three decades of World-leading, Practical Research

DRL (Disease Research Limited) is an independent diagnostic laboratory, based at Invermay Research Centre, Dunedin which specialises in Johne’s Disease testing and diagnosis.
Thousands of tailored and comprehensive diagnostic testing solutions for veterinarians and farmers.
Samples should be booked by phone or email prior to sending. Booked-in samples will be given priority. Complete our Online Submission Form in the Testing page.

Faecal PCR - Johne’s Test

A diagnostic test which allows the direct quantitation of the shedding of Map bacteria in faeces to assess the severity of Johne’s disease in Alpaca, Dairy Cows, Deer, Goats and Sheep.

Facilitates the prompt identification, stratification and selective culling of those most seriously affected animals.

Submission Form

Paralisa - Johne’s Test

IgG1 ELISA for the testing of Johne’s disease (paratuberculosis) in deer and cattle. We offer an absorbed ELISA for the testing of Johne's disease in cattle, sheep, and goats.

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Tuberculosis - Deer

For the testing of Tuberculosis (TB) in deer.

Samples must be obtained as per the Deer TB Tester Guidelines.

OSPRE TBfree programme

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