Putting the ‘R’ in DRL – what’s been happening in the lab?

Research DRL

We are proud of our university roots and this is reflected in our ongoing commitment to R&D and to trying new things. Some recent studies conducted by DRL have included – 2016: AGMARDT Agribusiness Innovation Grant – New Approaches to Control Parasites in Domestic Livestock. In partnership with AGMARDT and …[Read more]

New Approaches to Control Parasites

Parasite Control DRL

Parasite Control DRL Over the past 18 months, the NZDFA and AgMardt have been co-funding a research project through the Otago Innovation company Otago University’s Disease Research Laboratory (DRL) (now based at Invermay) in a $150,000 project research area “New approaches to control parasites (in deer)”. This project set out …[Read more]