DRL Offers Heifer Johne’s Testing




Use Paralisa™ testing to detect subclinical Johne’s infections earlier*.

After 3 years of research, including over 8,000 animals, we are now offering our combined Paralisa™ + absorbed ELISA testing for heifers 18 months and older.

Ask your animal health provider about incorporating DRL’s Paralisa™ + absorbed ELISA Johne’s testing ahead of calving so you can make the best decisions around colostrum and calf management.

Testing can be in conjunction with other animal health screens, including M. bovis.  Contact us today to get more information.

* O’Brien R, Liggett S, Bates A, F G. Johne’s disease diagnosis in New Zealand: An update. In: Proceedings of the Society of Dairy Cattle Veterinarians of the NZVA Annual Conference; Hamilton, New Zealand. NZVA; 2016:41-50.

For Terms & Conditions, and Eligibility, see our brochure: 2023 May Promotion – Heifer Testing

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