IgG1 ELISA for the testing of Johne’s disease (paratuberculosis) in deer and cattle.

As a passionate agri-business, DRL is highly motivated to deliver a premium and cost effective diagnostic package to our clients and to give farmers the most useful information for the least cost.

USDA Johne’s Disease Milk ELISA Proficiency Latest Test Report 2017, DRL scored 100%.

USDA Johne’s Disease Serology ELISA Proficiency Latest Test Report 2017, DRL scored 100%.

DRL is an Accredited USDA Lab.


Samples should be booked in by phone or email prior to sending. Booked-in samples will be given priority.

Tel: 03 489 4832
Simon: 021 249 7710

Tests cost $12+GST each. Discounts applied to volume.

Sample submission

One red or green top tube is required for each Paralisa™ test, clearly identifying the animal the sample has come from.

Please ensure that your samples are accompanied by a completed laboratory booking form or book online.

Please read our terms and conditions prior to sending your samples.

Reporting results

Expected turnaround time for results is 5–7 working days. If results are urgent, please let the laboratory know at the time of booking.

DRL undertakes to perform all tests to the standard approved by the CVO but makes no claim to the tests being 100% accurate.

Results will be reported as Negative (Neg), Suspect (Sus), or Positive (Pos).

Results will be provided to the vet involved, if indicated by the farmer. No other agency will receive the data.