Introducing – Sara

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Introducing – Sara.

Sara received her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Texas A&M University in 2002 while serving as the assistant herdsman for the university dairy farm. Her career has focused on Dairy Beef and Heifer Replacement operations in Texas and beyond, while working digitally on her Masters of Agricultural Business from Kansas State University. In 2004 Sara was given the opportunity to project manage a heifer replacement project in Tarroudant, Morocco alongside the country’s largest dairy cooperative and the US Grains Council. With a focus on increasing the production capabilities of the dairy industry while also developing a local source of beef, her team worked with over 800 dairy cooperative members. Following that project she helped lead a team in Inner Mongolia, China who aimed to provide locally sourced Chinese beef products to the growing number of beef consumers, again capitalising on dairy beef. Her experiences guided her in developing a Quality Systems Assurance program for incorporating dairy calves into USDA certified programs, and she also served as a Key Account Manager with Cargill’s Animal Nutrition ruminant team, assisting dairies to optimise nutrient balanced rations for herd wellness.

Now a Mum of 3 young kids Sara has joined the team at DRL as a lab technician focusing on Johne’s and TB diagnostics alongside Simon and generally imposing order around the laboratory. It’s like the United Nations around here, so don’t be surprised at another funny accent on the end of the phone line…

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