Dr Rory O’Brien

Research Manager

Originally hailing from Dublin, Rory completed his Bachelor in Science in 1994 in Molecular Genetics & Zoology from University College Dublin. He went on to complete his PhD studies at the National Agricultural and Veterinary Biotechnology Centre working towards the development of novel strain typing methodologies to type Mycobacterium bovis. Rory met Frank Griffin at a conference at Cambridge in the UK and shortly thererafter travelled to Dunedin to take up a postdoc position in his laboratory in the Microbiology Department at the University of Otago in 2001. Since then, as a member of the DRL team, he has been researching improved diagnostic methods for Johne’s Disease and the biological mechanisms underpinning resilience and susceptibility to mycobacterial disease in farmed deer. Now at DRL’s new location at the Invermay Agricultural Centre, Rory operates our molecular biology based testing service and also manages our ongoing research interests.